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Event Calendar

The University uses a shared campus-wide event calendar system, Trumba.

Login to Trumba

Using Trumba

tabs name

Trumba Events

When creating a new event in Trumba

  1. Create your event only on the ‘CBE Internal Planning’ calendar
  2. Make sure to select the new ‘CBE Template’ in the template drop down
  3. To make an event visible to the public, share out to the CBE calendar. To do this, on the ‘Also shows on’ drop down, select only ‘College of Built Environments’
  4. Under ‘CBE Categories’, select your department to show on your department calendar
    1. Select any other relevant categories (these will eventually feed to other places/pages) applicable to your audiences


$Trumba.addSpud({webName:"my web name",spudType:"desired spud type",BorderColor:"#FFFFFF",marginTop:0,teaserBase:"teaser base url"});