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This is handy way to quickly show various slices of Post content, including custom post types. The mini view is great for sidebars or cards.

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[blogroll number="3" trim="true" readmore="off" image="show" author="show" excerpt="show"]


  • excerpt : Choose whether to show the excerpt in the blogroll. Options: show, hide. (Default: hide)
  • trim : Whether or not to trim the words via WordPress wp_trim_words function. Options: true, false. (_Default: _false)
  • image: Choose whether to show the featured image thumbnail. Options: show, hide. (Default: hide)
  • author: Choose whether to show the author. Options: show, hide. (Default: show)
  • date: Choose whether to show the publish date. Options: show, hide. (Default: show)
  • titletag: The html element for the post titles. (Default: h2)
  • post_type: The post type to look for.(Default: post)
  • number: The maximum number of results to return (Default: 5)
  • mini: Use the miniture template instead of the default one. (Default: false)
  • category: The WordPress category ID to limit the results from. (Default: None)
  • category_name: The WordPress category name to limit the results from. (Default: None)
  • readmore: Choose whether to show the “Read More” link or not. Options: on, off. (Default: on)

Default blogroll

  • Advancement July Newsletter

    November 16, 2022

    CBE Communications

    Garden behind McMahon Hall

    Dear CBE Faculty and Staff, Happy National Ice Cream Month! Here are the CBE Advancement updates, highlights, resources, and ways to partner with us this month.

  • Welcome to the Communications hub!

    November 14, 2022


    Welcome to this new resource. As well as long term documentation to support content editors, this site should also server as a hub for updates, changes, improvements, and new resources for communicators across the College.

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