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Intranet & Bulletin

The CBE Intranet is a site intended for internal audiences in CBE. It is not private/password protected at this time. Resources for faculty, staff and students are posted here and updated regularly.

The Bulletin is the outward-facing news “tile” or blog roll aspect of the Intranet. It includes timely content of interest to CBE students, staff, faculty, PACs and alumni. With the goal of minimizing use of email and listservs, particularly to students from advisors, it serves as an online repository for content where it can be easily found and sorted.

How to create a Bulletin post

Anyone is invited to submit a post – news, events, course descriptions, etc. – via the Bulletin submission form, or to approved admins via multi-site. To ensure consistency with best practices, one person or “admin” in each department is designated to review, edit, and publish posts. (If you are not an admin and think you should be, please contact Brian Vogt or Jamilah Williams.)

NOTE: The date of post creation will appear underneath every post when viewed as an array from the main Bulletin page. This can be confusing when creating a post for a future event. For this reason, ALWAYS put the event date in the Title field and/or Excerpt field.

(Example below)

Required fields

  • Your name & Email:
    These fields are for internal use only and will not appear in the body of the post. If you wish for your name and email address or other contact information to appear in the post, include that information in the “Post Body” field.
  • Post title:
    See above re. including relevant date/deadline.
  • Post excerpt:
    Keep to a minimum! Text in the Excerpt field is only visible when viewing the tile array of posts from the “Bulletin” view. Excerpt text does not appear on the post itself, so make sure any important info appears in the body of the post or in the post title. Max character count for excerpt field is 70 characters. This includes spaces, punctuation, etc.
  • Post Body:
    There is no limit to post body length, but concise posts are preferable. Please note that formatting will not transfer if you copy/paste from an HTML source. Copy/paste from a plain text source whenever possible.
  • Post image:
    This is the image that will be visible as a thumbnail on the Bulletin array, and in full size at the top of a post. If you do not include an image, a default image of Gould Court will appear.
  • File:
    If applicable, upload flyers, posters, etc. to complement the post. Accepted file types: pdf, docx, xlsx, Max. file size: 20 MB. A “View Flyer” button will appear at the top of a published post.

Use of tags

Use the “Communities” and “Topics” tags so your post can be found using the sort fields at the top of the Bulletin.


Please use the following naming convention when posting courses.
QTR/Year: Dept + Course # – Course Name
(Example: “WIN 2021: ARCH 526 – Topics In High Performance Buildings”)

Post body should include the instructor’s name and email address, day/time course will meet, number of credits, and if the course is open to non-majors. Excerpt field may feature this information as well, but make sure it’s also in the post body.

TAGS: For “CBE Communities”, please select the department in which the course is being offered. You may select more than one department as the distribution, if your course is open to students from all departments. (Hold the shift button down to select a range or the command or CTRL button to pick one-by-one.) For “Topics”, select “Courses” and any others that are applicable (such as “Sustainability” or “Equity Diversity & Inclusion”.)

Please DO NOT use Courses tag for offerings that are not within CBE & UW (such as third-party trainings, course offerings at other institutions, etc.)

Retiring old posts

Posts will be moved to the Trash by a CBE Admin at the end of each quarter, with the exception of “Courses” which are kept indefinitely.