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WordPress stores media in the Media Library. Generally, this includes images and documents. Video content should be posted on the college’s Vimeo page and tagged to flow to your Vimeo Channel.


Images for the web are most commonly jpeg, gif, png, or svg. Images should be 72 dpi, and 2000px max on the long edge. If not showing full screen, 800px max is sufficient. No images should exceed 1MB. Keep in mind some folks may be paying for the bandwidth they use to view your site. All images must have Alt Text.


PDFs are often the most accessible way to present complex information. Content editors are responsible for implementing accessibility best practices for all PDFs that will become web content.

Attachment Page

Each media library item has an Attachment Page URL. This is a great way to embed a PDF into your site layout, or to offer a single image with full Title, Description, and Photo Credit metadata from the media library. EXAMPLE LINK