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Posts differ from Pages in several key ways. Posts are generally structured chronologically, and by taxonomy (usually Category). Posts use Featured Image and Excerpt to offer a short introduction to the full post content, which we use in sidebars, blog pages, and even to populate bulk email.


All posts should be tagged appropriately. This will differ site to site. Most common will be the Category taxonomy, but you may also work with custom taxonomies such as Role, Research Theme, Person, Community, Topic, etc. Taxonomy allows us to group and filter posts, and is critical to getting content in front of the right audience.


Excerpt should be a short(400 chars) blurb introducing the post to a public audience. Excerpt will show on post archive pages, anywhere the blogroll shortcode is used, and when a post is shared via social media or email.

Featured Image

Each post should have a featured image for visual interest on archive pages and when sharing the post via other media channels. Follow guidelines for image size and dimension, and always provide alt text.


When a post’s full content is published elsewhere, we use Redirection. Create a post with excerpt, featured image, title, and taxonomy tags. then, under Tools -> Redirection, redirect the blog post URL to the full post URL.


text/visual editor, watch for markup, divs esp. clear formatting. taxonomy. Excerpt. Redirection